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What We Offer

Understand Your Learners

While a world-class study platform and education are key, it is also important to understand your leaners. WCEA activity reporting allows you to visualise that without having to run reports. Our train-of-thought visualisation tools allow you to ask questions, simply by clicking on the dashboard. If you want to drill down into a selection of roles, knowledge groups or age bands (in fact, any data you have collected on your learners), our platform allows you to do that with just a few clicks.

Understand who is studying what, where their knowledge gaps are as well as their competencies, at a corporate level, for a department or an individual.

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Train of Thought
Traditional reporting relies on the user knowing what question to ask for. We use a different approach. Simply click on what you want to see and the dashboards react, filtering your information in realtime. Discover as you explore.
High Performance
No more running reports that can take minutes (if not longer) to return information that you do not want. The dashboards use a high-performance specialized reporting platform to give you what you need instantly.
Easy to Understand
Your data is presented with easy to understand visualizations (graphs, pie charts, grids). Of course, you can drill down to a single learner or course. All visualizations react as you navigate, giving you a realtime view of your data.
Add in your own Data
You may have additional information on your learners (for example, from your HR system). Connect it to the reporting platform and see it in one place. Slice and dice the data using your performance measures, internal grades or career structures.