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More than Learning

A modern Learning Management System is about more than learning. Of course, it enables you to manage your learning activities, understand the learner’s activities & knowledge gaps, track CPD progress, find courses, author new courses but it also allows you to collaborate within a community, develop courses and generate revenue.

Our platform does all of this and more!

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Learner Management
Manage your learners and the content they see by placing them into groups and sub-portals. Organize all of your study requirements in one place.
Course Management
Manage the courses your learner’s study, aligning them to the individual needs. Courses can be made available from a number of sources, including, WCEA libraries, the WCEA content network, 3rd parties, and those you have developed yourself.
Generate Revenue
Do you want to generate revenue from courses you have authored? If so, you can decide which courses are promoted on a commercial basis within the WCEA network. This can include your users/members, other WCEA customers, and a number of additional channels (affiliate networks and storefronts). We offer this on a revenue share basis, varying based upon your selected plan.
Publish Your Courses
Decide which channels and portals to make your courses available in and who to. Courses authored by our educators make them available as individual courses or as part of a library. You can do the same, generating income for your work. In turn, you can benefit from the work of our customers and visa-versa.