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Level 1 Newborn Nursery


Level 1 Newborn Nursery

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Level 1 Newborn Nursery


The level 1 nursery library contains 10 courses suitable for nurses working in a Newborn Nursery.

● Coordinate neonatal intensive nursing care of high standard to the high risk and critically ill newborn in a multi-professional team relationship

● Promote effective nursing care considering cultural issues

● Evaluate and improve individual practice through the initiation and implementation of research

● Promote prevention on primary, secondary, and tertiary level through parental education and parental guidance

Level 1 Newborn Nursery / 10 courses covering:

  • Common complications after birth
  • Assessing Gestational age and size at birth
  • Basic resuscitation of the newborn
  • Care of infants after birth
  • Routine care of infants in a normal newborn nursery
  • APGAR scoring
  • BALLARD scoring
  • Heel prick for Blood sampling
  • Blood Glucose monitoring
  • Feeding of a normal newborn infant

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