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Renal Nursing

Renal Nursing Library

The Renal Society of Australasia

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Renal Nursing Library

The Renal Society of Australasia

The Renal Society of Australasia (RSA) has a partnership with the WCEA, together we are providing online continuing education opportunities to nursing members.

The online learning platform provides an up-to-date and accessible resource of continuing education to nursing professionals.

On completion of this library, you will gain a further understanding of:

● Discuss the complications of COVID-19 on dialysis patients.

● The pathophysiology of renal bone disease and associated complications.

● Discuss the contributing factors to the lack of diabetes and DKD knowledge in the participants.

● Identify the mechanisms that contributed to microangiopathic haemolytic anaemia.

Over 50 courses covering topics such as:

  • COVID-19: a nursing overview from the front line.
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Understanding experiences of diabetes care among patients with diabetic kidney disease
  • Acute kidney injury
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