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Maternal Care

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Maternal Care


The Maternal Care library contains 13 courses which are for Antenatal and Postnatal nurses as well as Midwives.

● Understand the causes and signs of fetal distress.

● Manage a patient with retained placenta.

● Record the clinical observations on the partogram.

Maternal Care / 13 courses covering:

● Antenatal Care
● Assessment of foetal growth and condition during pregnancy
● Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy
● Antepartum haemorrhage
● Preterm Labour and Premature rupture of membranes
● Monitoring the condition of a mother during 1st stage of labour
● Monitoring the condition of the foetus during the first stage of labour
● Managing the first stage of labour
● The second stage of labour
● Managing pain during labour
● The third stage of Labour
● The puerperium
● Medical problems during pregnancy and labour

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