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Crisis and Trauma Response

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Crisis and Trauma Response

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Crisis and Trauma Response

CTRI (Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute)

To effectively respond to critical incidents (suicide, violence, etc.), schools, communities, and organizations need to plan ahead of time, so they are prepared to respond to these unfortunate events.

This training will focus on how to organize effectively and quickly at a time of high stress so that groups are better prepared to respond to the emotional needs of those affected by a critical incident.

● Understanding critical incidents and common reactions.

● CIGD considerations.

● The steps for creating safer work settings for both service providers and clients.

● Identify the impacts of grief.

Crisis and Trauma Response / 9 courses covering:

  • Crisis Response Planning
  • Critical Incident Group Debriefing
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • Trauma-Informed Care – Building a Culture of Strength
  • Trauma – Overview and Awareness
  • Trauma – Strategies for Counsellors
  • Vicarious Trauma – Strategies for Supporting Resilience
  • Walking Through Grief – Introduction and Overview
  • Walking Through Grief – Helping Others Deal with Loss
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