How to suction via a tracheostomy

Royal College of Nursing

Educator: Royal College of Nursing
Course Duration: 60 minutes

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Patients with a tracheostomy tube may be unable to cough adequately to expel pulmonary secretions. Therefore, tracheal suction is essential in managing secretions and maintaining respiratory function and a patent airway. This How to module provides nurses with information on how to suction via a tracheostomy. Tracheal suction reduces the risk of pulmonary consolidation and atelectasis that may lead to inadequate ventilation. Respiratory assessment of the patient should be carried out to identify when tracheal suction is required. A suction pressure of 80-120mmHg is recommended, and suction should last no longer than 15 seconds. Reassurance and support should be given to the patient to minimize any discomfort and distress that may result from tracheal suction.

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