Routine Care of Normal Newborn Infants

Neo Consult

Educator: Neo Consult
Course Duration: 60 minutes

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After birth, most full term infants (gestational age >39 weeks) and early term infants (GA 37 0/7 to 38 6/7 weeks) require normal neonatal routine care to make a successful transition to extrauterine life. Depending on hospital policy, late preterm infants (GA 34 0/7 to 36 6/7 weeks) who are >35 weeks and well appearing may also only require routine care and may be admitted and cared for in the newborn nursery (neonatal level of care I). The course is designed for nurses caring for normal newborns. The theoretical concepts and knowledge gained will enable the nursery nurse to engage in discussions regarding the principles or care given to these babies and be able to support and advise mothers to care for their rooming-in babies.

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