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Custom eLearning solutions

Custom eLearning solutions

As many as one-quarter of workers in developed economies can work remotely three to five days per week, so it’s safe to say that the home office trend is here to stay. For many companies, this means finding new ways to train employees, like creating digital materials and guides or holding conference calls. One method has emerged as the most beneficial way to train remote workers: custom e-learning solutions.

Increase engagement with training material

Customized eLearning allows you to create engaging training materials to help your employees absorb information. You can create polls or surveys to encourage active participation or use video or dialog simulation to target specific skills like communication.

You can also add short quizzes throughout the content to check a student’s knowledge. This creates a shift from passive to active participation and ensures learners retain the material as they learn, even if they’re not all in the same classroom.

Improve the accessibility of your training sessions

With e-learning, your trainees can complete sessions at a time that works best for them. Rather than having to shift their schedule to make time for conference calls, they can work through training on their terms and give the materials their full attention.

The flexibility of custom e-learning means your workers can access content on any device, no matter where they are. It means you can train your remote workforce effectively, even if they are located in different regions or time zones.

Eliminate irrelevant content

Trying to maintain engagement when your workforce is working remotely can be challenging. Create your own courses using e-learning authoring tools to ensure only the most relevant content is in your training sessions. Remove the excess to deliver high-quality information, ensuring maximum retention and an enjoyable experience for your workforce.

Unlike in-person training sessions, you can optimize your custom e-learning courses before sending them out to your staff. By taking this approach, you keep workers interested and make sure their time, and your money, is used as efficiently as possible.

Keep trainee motivation high

Online learning platforms give you access to assessments and engagement metrics to track your remote training results. You receive insights on how your sessions went and information you can use to improve future training.

You can also customize motivational elements, like awarding certificates for completing milestones throughout your remote training sessions. Many learning management systems have the option to add a competitive element to your training with rewards that are fun no matter a learner’s age.

Adapt training to the remote work environment

With customized e-learning for remote training, your workers will enjoy taking in content in a way that fits with their remote work schedule. This gives them the freedom to adapt sessions to the pace and time frame that suits them and revisit content for a refresher whenever they want.

This aspect also means that your courses can run without the need for an instructor. Your employees can watch videos, navigate course materials independently, and reach out to you with any questions. It means courses easily fit in with a changing remote work environment, and you save the money you’d have to spend on in-person training sessions.

Benefits for employers and employees

When it comes to your remote workers, you want to ensure they feel just as engaged and motivated to complete training as in-office staff. By creating custom e-learning solutions, you can offer tangible benefits to all your employees, including those working remotely. If you’re interested in using e-learning to upgrade your training efforts, join WCEA to access our learning management system and a content library filled with thousands of courses.

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