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Counselling Skills

CTRI (Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute)

This workshop is designed to move beyond general counselling skills and offer increased capacity and confidence to those wanting to expand their existing knowledge base and current skill set. Participants will acquire a deeper understanding of Cognitive Behavioural, Strengths-Based, Narrative, and Solution-Focused counselling frameworks.

Practical strategies and techniques from each of these frameworks will be explored, accompanied with experiential opportunities to assess, and understand their application within a counselling context.

On completion of this library you will gain a further understanding of:

● Working systemically with both addictions and mental illness at the same time.

● The impact of anxiety that can cause distress.

● Family structure.

● Concepts and useful skills such as tolerating distress, managing emotions, and enhancing interpersonal communication.

● Challenges for recovery and treatment options.

Counselling Skills / 23 courses covering:

  • Addictions and Mental Illness – Working with Co-occurring Disorders
  • Anxiety – Practical Intervention Strategies
  • Borderline Personality Disorder – Understanding and Supporting
  • Attachment and Families – Strategies for Engaging and Helping
  • Clinical Supervision – Skills for Developing Counsellors
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – Balancing Acceptance and Change
  • Disordered Eating – From Image to Illness
  • Ethics of Helping – Boundaries and Relationships
  • Harm Reduction – A Framework for Change, Choice, and Control
  • Language Matters – Rethinking How We Talk About People and Problems
  • Mindfulness – As a Counselling Tool
  • Motivating Change – Understanding Resistance and First Steps of Engagement
  • Motivating Change – Strategies for Approaching Resistance
  • Narrative Therapy – Tools for Exploring Stories
  • Navigating Difficult Client Relationships
  • Peer Support – Equipping the Natural Helper
  • Resilience in Children – Tools for Helping
  • Self-Injury Behaviour in Youth – Strategies for Helping
  • Solution-Focused Therapy – An Introduction and Overview
  • Trauma – Strategies for Counsellors
  • Suicide Awareness and Intervention
  • Walking Through Grief – Helping Others Deal with Loss
  • Vicarious Trauma – Strategies for Supporting Resilience
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