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RCNi (The Royal College of Nursing)

: Over 65 hours of content with helpful how-to modules to support your day-to-day practice. Topics include mental health, diabetes, case management and more.

On completion of this library, you will gain a further understanding of:

● The signs and symptoms that indicate the need for tracheal suctioning as well as the risks associated with the procedure.

● Nursing policy on blood glucose monitoring.

● The communication skills required to deliver the news of a patient’s death in a sensitive manner.

● The elements required to ensure safe vaccine storage and handling.

● How local anaesthetics work to provide analgesia.

Over 100 courses covering topics such as:

  • How to suction via a tracheostomy
  • How to monitor blood glucose
  • How to inform relatives and loved ones of a patient’s death
  • Safe storage and handling of vaccines
  • Use of femoral nerve blocks in adults with hip fractures
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