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Five tips to build a team that is skilled and adaptable

Five tips to build a team that is skilled and adaptable

What comes to mind when you envision the perfect team? Each member needs to possess the skills to accomplish projects, but success is about more than talent.

To build a team that can thrive in any environment, you need the right combination of skill and adaptability. Here are five ways you can strike that balance to create stronger teams. 

1. Demonstrate adaptability

They say actions speak louder than words, and this rings true when it comes to shaping your teams. You can show your team how to adapt by doing it regularly yourself, keeping an open mind to new ideas, and mastering the ability to respond quickly and productively under pressure.

Unfamiliar and frustrating situations are bound to come up for any team, but it’s how you adapt in the face of these challenges that sets the tone for everyone else. Leading by example is an effective way to demonstrate adaptability and encourage team members to adopt a similar approach.


2. Seeking different perspectives

Invite your team members to draw on their own background and experiences to diversify thought. A team with varying backgrounds and experiences is a real asset for your business. But, you have to create an environment where team members feel comfortable sharing and listening to different points of view.

Invite your team members to share their most off-the-wall ideas, and encourage everyone to listen with an open mind. You never know what brilliant new ideas may emerge.


3. Encouraging innovation

Give team members the time and tools to innovate and develop their own ideas. The world is changing rapidly, and your industry is likely shifting too, so maintaining a rigid mindset will only work to your disadvantage in the long run.

The key to maximizing innovation within your teams is to ensure members feel safe and comfortable with failure. The fear of criticism or making mistakes can stifle innovation while acknowledging that these are part of the process will help your team become more adaptable.


4. Help employees upskill

Encourage your team to seek out and learn new skills that will help them adapt. By inspiring them to grow and seek opportunities outside of their comfort zone, you are helping them become more comfortable in the face of uncertainty.

As your team members upskill, they will acquire more tools to adapt along with your business. And in the process, they will grow more confident in their abilities and more willing to lean into curiosity.


5. Take advantage of online learning

Online learning is an excellent way to develop the skills needed to adapt to any work environment. It is a cost-effective way to help your team members learn new skills to adapt and become more productive contributors to your projects. With eLearning, your workers can train on their terms, with courses that align with their learning styles and busy lives.

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