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What learning management system to choose?

What learning management system to choose?

How to decide what learning management system to choose? Nobody wants to waste precious time and funds by choosing an LMS that doesn’t suit their needs.

Luckily, there are lots of options out there, so you can find the best one for you. 

Here are some top tips on how you can assess what learning management system will work best for your employees, your business, and your learning goals. It is only by fully understanding what your needs are and the opportunities an LMS can provide that you can make the right choice.  

Recognize your needs

Before you start shopping for an LMS, you first have to consider your learning objectives, and what you hope to accomplish when it comes to educating your learners.
What skills are you hoping to improve?
And what is the overall result you wish to achieve?
Only by defining your desired learning outcomes in advance will you be able to filter your search criteria to find the best LMS applicable to your goals.

Know your audience

Who are you hoping to engage through this LMS?
Understanding who the system will need to connect with, in terms of age and skill level, will impact which learning strategy best suits your target audience. Also consider how many trainees you’ll have, and how tech-savvy they are likely to be, as well as their preferred ways of learning to ensure you find an LMS that is equipped to provide the features and support you need.

Compare features

Once you’ve identified your learning outcomes and the learners’ characteristics, it’s time to choose some suitable LMS options and browse the market to compare.
Start by comparing features to make sure they work for your needs, then progress to pricing – you will have a set budget when it comes to training and you want to ensure there are no unexpected costs with your LMS.
Then start reading reviews, so much information is shared online these days, it can give you a good idea of the user experience offered by each LMS.

What learning management system to choose

Try out the software

It’s always worth asking if you can try before you buy. Most platforms will offer a demo or a free trial to do a test run before investing.
Set it up and get a feel for how you plan to use it with your team.
This is also a great opportunity to pick up any incompatibilities before making the final decision.

Plan for the Future

If you’re planning on using this LMS long-term, you want to invest in a high-quality system that will be as future-proof as possible.
Consider how its features will evolve with your learners’ needs, and avoid opting for cheap tools with minimal features. When it comes to investing in tools to improve team performance, don’t settle for less.

Transform your approach

There are endless advantages of using an LMS system that suits your company’s training needs. Considering who you plan to train and their skill levels, combined with your needs and what you hope to achieve in the long run, can transform your approach to learning and bring you a step closer to the perfect LMS for your company.

For more information on how to choose the right LMS for your business, contact WCEA.

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