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How to show employees you care through e-learning resources

How to show employees you care through e-learning resources
show employees you care

Creating a positive and supportive work culture drives engagement and productivity, attracts talent to your organization and helps improve job satisfaction among your employees.

Creating opportunities for growth and development are a key part of building that strong work culture, leading to business success. Here’s why you should show employees you care with an e-learning environment

The power of demonstrating the value

We all know how uplifting it is to feel valued, whether, from some positive feedback or a simple gesture of gratitude, a little appreciation can go a long way. This is just as powerful in the workplace. In fact, research suggests that employees who feel valued by their employers display a higher level of self-esteem, which in turn increases their engagement and performance. The link between employee wellbeing and company growth has been enforced by psychological research time and again.

Show employees you care

More often than not, actions speak louder than words. It’s one thing to tell your employees that they’re important – it’s another to demonstrate this by investing in them and their skills. By creating an engaging e-learning environment you’re not only offering the chance to upskill and perform better, but you are also creating a personalized approach that shows the team members that you value them as individuals.

A bespoke approach

When it comes to company training, e-learning presents the opportunity to create a completely bespoke approach for each employee, fitted to their different learning styles. By making different formats available you empower employees to take control of their own learning, whether they prefer video or written courses, to read articles or presentations.

E-learning also goes beyond the classroom, allowing employees to pick up their studies when it is most convenient for them and even break them down into small, bitesize modules so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Cross-company collaboration

By creating an interactive e-learning environment, you are not only helping boost engagement and the retention of ideas, but you can also create a community within the workplace.

You may have employees in different offices or even countries, but e-learning courses are a chance for them to come together and share ideas. You can create forums that encourage them to reach out and discuss different elements of their training, breaking down barriers in the workplace and creating a more holistic company.

Measurable outcomes

The personalized approach of an interactive platform takes away that one-size-fits-all approach. It offers employees more autonomy over how they learn, whether in small or large chunks or coming back for re-caps.

It also enables testing in a variety of different formats to suit each employee while still offering the chance for regular progress updates and feedback, which affirms that they’ve increased their skills and their value. In short – valued, motivated employees are more engaged. Engaged employees are more profitable.

Professional growth

E-learning is a fantastic opportunity to show employees you care and to invest in their well-being by demonstrating their value within the workplace. If they see you care about their professional growth, they’ll care too. With a wealth of e-learning options available today, it’s time to take training digital and invest in your company’s future. Find out more information about e-learning solutions and how we at WCEA can help you grow.

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