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WCEA celebrates 3 000 000 courses taken

WCEA celebrates 3 000 000 courses taken

3 000 000 courses taken since launching the ONE WORLD PROJECT

Here, at the WCEA, we are proud to celebrate with all of you the 3,000,000 courses taken in low and middle-income countries since the launch on January 16, 2020. The mission of the ONE WORLD Project was to significantly improve access to quality evidence-based education and using technology to develop skills, improve the delivery of patient care & achieve better health outcomes. The eHealth, mHealth solutions, and CPD are necessary for Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage.

• May 2020
15 countries launched, 80,000 app downloads, 500,000 courses studied, the launch of COVID-19 response.

• June 2020
30 countries launched, 160,000 apps downloaded, 1 million courses studied, 250,000 COVID-19 courses studied.

• September 2020
40 countries launched, 205,000 apps downloaded, 1.5 million courses studied, 370,000 COVID-19 courses studied, launched to doctors, AJA Social platform added to the app.

• December 2020
50 countries launched, 285,000 apps downloaded, 2.2 million courses studied, 475,000 COVID-19 courses studied, 30,000 doctors using the platform, 375,000 healthcare professionals.

• July 2021
60 countries launched; 369,000 apps downloaded; 3.0 million courses studied; 596,859 COVID-19 courses studied; 32,307 doctors using the platform.

We are incredibly grateful to the Johnson & Johnson Foundation for supporting our COVID-19 response.
Thanks to this support and the education partnership with the Aga Khan University School of Nursing & Midwifery in East Africa, we trained over 270,000 nurses and midwives across Sub-Saharan Africa and provided close to 600,000 COVID-19 courses CPD certifications.
Without the help of our global partners the International Council of Nurses, the World Medical Association, all our stakeholders, donors, and education providers that milestone would not be possible today.

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