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Six benefits of e-learning for students

Six benefits of e-learning for students

Global changes in the last year have put classroom learning firmly in the backseat and welcomed e-learning to take the wheel as the future of educational approaches.

While both methods of learning have their advantages, e-learning is now considered a valuable, sustainable educational approach. With advancing technology, online learning isn’t just a means to an end, it’s an immersive experience. Let’s look at the top six benefits of e-learning for students.

Accommodating individual needs

E-learning gives students autonomy and flexibility. They can decide when and how they choose to learn, managing it alongside other commitments and finding the right learning style for them. Working through materials at their own pace enhances the learning experience for students and replaces the idea of dictated learning with a personalized approach which is truly empowering.  

Keeping costs low

E-learning can save students over half of the overall training costs compared to traditional in-person training. Firstly, virtual learning eliminates the need for classroom space meaning that courses can be offered at a lower price point and to students all around the world. It means that students aren’t required to travel to a place of learning, and savings are also made on course materials, accommodation, and teacher salaries, all of which are passed on to the student. 

Unlimited access to course content

There can be a lot of information to take in during any educational course, and e-learning offers the chance for students to refresh on any topic, especially in the run-up to any tests. Night or day, students have unlimited access to all course content without the need for the trainers or educational establishment to be available. This alleviates pressure on students, creating a much more relaxed flow to learning, and enabling them to return to the course content as many times as they want.

Collaboration and teamwork

Online learning offers the opportunity for students to collaborate in a unique way, sharing their work, ideas, and feedback on an online platform. This helps them remain engaged, work on projects together and support each other in the learning process. Feeling part of a team, even digitally and remotely, is the key to success. 

A customizable experience

One of the key benefits of e-learning for students is that they have complete freedom to customize their learning area. With online learning, there are now more ways than ever to create an environment that appeals to the individual learner. From the organized, minimalist learner to someone who prefers a more vibrant, colorful environment – they can create a custom digital space to complement their learning. 

Feedback through fun

Providing ongoing testing and feedback throughout the course, using the increasingly popular gamification techniques, can offer remarkable results. Simply put, making a game of the learning process, and instantly providing feedback to learners keeps them engaged and motivated to learn. Using points, badges, and leaderboards can tap into their competitive side and drive them to achieve.  

Everyone benefits 
Previously considered a niche alternative to traditional classroom learning, e-learning has gone mainstream, and everyone stands to benefit from the flexibility and customization it offers learners. For more information on how versatile e-learning can benefit you, contact WCEA.  

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